An Appeal: for Interactive Online Mentoring Session (IOMS) at your establishment

By Gyan Vigyan Sarita – A non-organizational educational initiative

Philosophy: Socio-economic reform through education with Personal Social Responsibility (PSR) in a non-organizational, non-remunerative, non-commercial and non-political manner.

Objective: Groom competence to Compete among un-/under-privileged children from 9th-12th in Maths, Physics and Chemistry, leading to IIT-JEE.

Financial Model: Zero-&-Fund-Zero-Asset (ZFZA). It calls for promoters and facilitators to provide infrastructure for use to the extent they feel it is neither abused nor there is a breach of trust. And, reimbursement of operational expenses, as and when they arise, to the initiative


a.       Mode: Interactive Online Mentoring Sessions (IOMS) since July’16, which has been recently switched over to A-VIEW, web-conferencing S/w, with connectivity upto 5 Learning Centers, with One Mentoring Center.

b.       Participation: Voluntary and Non-remunerative, Non-Commercial and Non-Political


a.       Promoter –

        i.      Initiate a Learning Center,

      ii.      Sponsor a Mentor who is willing to join on certain terms,

    iii.      Sponsor cost of operation and up-gradation of infrastructure to voluntary mentors,

b.       Facilitator

c.       Participator

Background: The initiative had its offing in May’12, when its coordinator, a non-teacher by profession, soon after submission of Ph.D. Thesis in 2012, at one of the IITs, under taken after retirement got inspired to  mentor unprivileged  students.

The endeavour started with Chalk-N-Talk mode of mentoring unprivileged students starting from class 9th upto 12th.. Since then it has gone through many ground level experiences and in July’16 it was upgraded to IOMS, a philosophy in action to reachout to more number of deprived students. Currently regular sessions of IOMS are held regularly for students of class 9th and above at few Learning Centeres. Efforts are being made to integerate more learning centers and mentors to diversify its scope and utilize our full capacity.

It is a small group of Four persons including Prof. SB Dhar, Alumnus-IIT Kanpur, Shri Shailendra Parolkar, Alumnus-IIT Kharagpur, settled at Texas, US and Smt. Kumud Bala, Retd. Principal, Govt. School Haryana. More details of the initiative are available on our website and operational aspects of can be online accessed at  IOMS

Actions Requested: May please like to ponder upon this initiative. Queries, if any, are heartily welcome. We would welcome your collective complementing in any of the areas listed above at Involvement, to make the mission more purposeful and reachable to target children.

Contact: Dr. Subhash  Kumar Joshi, Coordinator, Gyan Vigyan Sarita.

Address: #2487, Mahagun Moderne, Sector-78, NOIDA, UP– 201309, (M):+91-9711061199,

e-Mail ID:, Website: