Philosophy of IOMS  had its inception in Sarthak Prayash an NGO, in May’2012 in Chalk-N-Talk Mode with stray students.

 Its manifestation in the form of e-Bulletin started in 2016, on 2nd October with its First Issue Subodh पत्रिका

  In May’ 2017 the initiative was upgraded to IOMS, in its primitive form, with the efforts of its Shri Shailendra Parolkar

 This initiative was reorganized as Gyan Vigyan Sarita in 2017 with its e-Bulletin in the name of Gyan Vigyan Sarita – शिक्षा

  After successfuly relesaing every monthly issue of  e-Bulletin on-or-before due date, continuously for five years, the bulletin dt Oct 02, 2020 became the Fifth Annual issue.  This is special issue on Personal Social Responsibility (PSR), our humble endeavour to democratize education. This bulletin will now be coming to you in web-published form to broaden communication so as to invoke participation of those who can make a difference, for the larger good.

   Presently it is a satisfactory working model on ‘Minimum Need’ basis.

   Currently about 75 students of three rural schools, one is RKM High School in A.P. and other two at remote area, are being ng mentored. At Dinjan it is our first step  to mentor children of our brave soldiers securing our frontiers

 We continue to look forward…..


 It has been observed that normally a person responds to a problem or a situation either extempore or thoughtfully. Extempore response is intuitive and instant, while thoughtful response is delayed. This delay depends upon one’s ability, patience to analyze the situation and the time available to respond. Accuracy of instant response is regulated by intuitive skills of the person. Growth of this intuition in turn is regulated by expertise attained by a person to analyze and act upon a situation. Multi-dimensionality in versatility, depth and spread of the intuition leads to wisdom.This expertise or wisdom cannot be achieved in one leap. It is a result perseverance in the pursuit of striving against cyclic failure-success and grows like a spiral.


Education in true sense adds purpose to the life.



Education is not filling of a pail, but lighting of a fire.


William Buttler Yates