Infrastructural requirement for Centres in Interactive Online Mentoring Sessions (IOMS)

Learning Centre (if asked for by Mentor)

Mentoring Centre (if asked for by Mentor)

Estimated Capital Cost (One Time)


 Cost (in Rs)


 Cost (in Rs)

Desktop (without monitor)








Web camera


Web camera


Mixer cum amplifier with Speaker and Wireless microphones


Headset with Microphone


Total (Max. if nothing is available)




Wireless Surface Writing Device (WSWD). It shall be required when Learning Centre is ready for collaborative use of  Whiteboard.


Wireless Surface Writing device


Total with  WSWD (at a later date once IOMS stabilizes)


Total with   WSWD


Estimated Recurring Cost

a.       Internet charges, based on estimated monthly data transfer which depends upon choice of cloud platform, and tariffs of ISP

b.       Cloud Platform Charges, to be shared across Learning Centres

Internet charges, based on estimated monthly data transfer which depends upon choice of cloud platform, and tariffs of ISP

Cloud platform: Microsoft Teams, extended by Ramakrishna Mission, Vijaywada for this selfless initiative, covering their students also,is being used.

The platform is found to be suitable in prevailing requirement of social distancing. This will suit even after LockDown when students continue to get mentored in an uninterrupted manner even after situation becomes normal.

IOMS is since an initiative driven with Personal Social Responsibility (PSR) operating on Zero-Fund-&-Zero-Asset (ZFZA) basis. The IT Infrastructure with the Mentors has been in use and is working. But, at any stage if upgradation becomes essential, support of facilitators or learning centres would be gratefully welcomed, on ZFZA basis, to maintain continuity of this selfless initiative.

 Operating cost of Mentor, if required, shall be supported by Learning Centres

Specification: These are based on ground level operating experience and need of optimizing the cost on the initiative. This is essential to utilize financial resources, considered scarce, for benefitting more number of students at more number of centres and mentoring centres. These specifications have been updated based on experience of operation of IOMS with available options. MS WhiteBorad a free App of MS office has been tried out in IOMS and is found satisfactory, until a better option is available.

Web Camera: iBall 20.0 HD with a wall mounting

Projector: Portronics POR 624 LED Projector Beam 100 Lumen, Screen Size 130 Inch, 800x480px resolution

Sound System: Ahuja Make PA Mixer Amplifier Model DPA-370, 30 W Max/37W Max, with PA wall speakers PS-300T 10W, and a wireless unit AWM-490V2 Dual Cordless Microphones. This sound input/out when decoupled with USB sound adopter to connect to the computer required echoless environment is achieved in the Classroom and networked mentor and Learning Centres.

Cloud Platform: Ramakrishna Mission, Vijaywada, with whom we are in Fourth Year of association through Interactive Online Mentoring Sessions (IOMS) for students of RKM School, Sitanagram, AP. They have extended this facility for mentoring students being mentored in this initiative as Guest participants. It offers uninterrupted sessions to the students registered for this purpose. It suits to mentor students staying at home, during social distancing. Alternately, other freewares viz. Google Meet, or other Indian products like SayNamaste and others coming up can be used.

Surface Writing Device: HUION make Model WH1409, or Wacom model Intuos with wireless device makes it suitable for communication with base computer in class in an interactive online environment.

UPS: An additional accessory, for uninterrupted continuity of session, based on power availability to be decided by Learning Centre, not included in above cost estimates.

Furniture and Lighting: At Learning Centre, as deemed fit by local administration of Learning Centre, not included in above cost estimates.