Integration of Art in Education

New Education Policy (NEP-2019) announced by Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD). Government of India, which soon after named Department of Education, is an initiative which addresses some of the ground realities and necessities in education. Summarily, it emphasises upon –

Ø  Enhancing creativity among students by relating their learning to their environment

Ø  Make education interesting and away from rote learning,

Inspired with sense of Personal Social Responsibility (PSR), humble initiative of Gyan Vigyan Sarita  to groom competence to compete among unprivileged children, which was started in 2012.

The NEP-2019 is an encouragement to focus our efforts with more clarity. Accordingly, students are being guided and motivated to contribute in the Monthly Web-Bulletin. While doing so aim is not to select the best of it as a projection of our effort. Rather it is more important to create an opportunity for them to manifest their ingenuity at learning. In the process to mentor them to grow beyond... In view of this The Student’s’ Section of the bulletin has been organized in following sections –

1.     Understanding of Concepts: Students are encouraged to translate their learning during month into a document, an experiment or a model which illustrates concepts behind the subject matter and its application in real life.

2.     Creativity Art

a.      Performing Art – This includes vocal, instrumental, dance sculpture in the form of audio/video.

b.     Visual Art – This includes display of drawing, painting etc. in different forms, including folk art

c.      Literary Art- This includes essay, story poem and other forms of literary works.