Understanding of Concepts Through Interactive Online Mentoring


In an effort to groom concepts among students through Interactive Online Mentoring Sessions (IOMS), a new proposition was started in June 2020. In this proposition every month One topic, out of the portion covered in IOMS, is specified to students to develop their understanding on the topic in the form of a report. Best, of the submission is discussed with the student, making the submission. It is to bridge conceptual gaps, if any, for moderation. Such conceptual-gaps in our target student is obvious. It relevant especially when students are being groomed and required to elaborate concepts at level above their academic curriculum. The submission, within the constraints of students, are produced here as manuscripts.

Participation of students in making submission of their understanding keeps varying due to their time-to time commitment. In third month Four Submissions were made among about 30 students of Class 10th out of three schools. Efforts are being made to encourage wider participation of students with different topic each month and for this complementing of efforts by respective teachers at schools is very much sought.

 Experience of student(s), who developed the elaboration of concepts, is worth knowing. It is quite encouraging for  we as elite persons, and for students to emulate active participation.

Collective wisdom and complementing of such selfless initiatives, where emphasis is on grooming of concepts and their application in problem solving would make learning more enjoyable and enriching. We believe that perseverance in such initiative to grooms competence among students, who are otherwise disconnected with us, will ignite a spark in them to avail the best of the opportunity.

                                                            Mentoring Committee