Ravi Sharma

There are various dogmas and philosophies surrounding the concept of education. In common parlance, it is understood that there is a certain age till which a person is supposed to be educated or should I say, have all the necessary degrees to earn a livelihood.

After that one is supposed to be involved in the process of earning and become a cog in the wheel of economic machinery. But can that be the end of education? The answer is a big no. Stopping this process of education is nothing but halting the development of a person as a human being which also affects the civilisation and nation in longer run.

The biggest example which has questioned this complete theory of education is the recent pandemic. Suddenly, when due to the nationwide lockdown, the population was forced to live inside their houses for months, they realised that one needs continuous education to keep one’s sanity. That’s the reason that even all the big corporates worldwide realised the need for mental health and wellbeing. Had there been, a concept of continuous questioning of one’s mental faculty that is prevalent, the people would haven’t lost their balance so easily.

That’s the reason that now there is spurt of activities in the arena of mental wellness and motivational gurus. People are facing the depression and other psychological issues and are ready to throw any amount of money for mental peace.

This whole situation would have been avoided if we haven’t stopped our mental faculty to raise questions and finding answers as well. Rather our country has always been a country of seekers and is based on the concept of debates. In local language we call it as Vaad-Vivaad. The society which is based on such a beautiful concept would have never been burdened with the queries on the existence per se till the time we keep the very foundation of our society sacrosanct.

The author himself has communicated with people from all strata and felt an urge in them to be educated on a continuous basis. The need is same for even an executive in a corporate firm who needs to update himself as per the demand of the market or a simple sabjiwala who believes that he needs to advertise his venture online both for best procurement and best price sale. Both of them are on the same pedestal as far as education is concerned. But most important than that a need has been felt by the Government and society at large to educate the population so that they should avoid being menace for the society. The logic is on the basic premise that an educated person is not supposed to be a nuisance for the society.

Till now, we have discussed the why part of it but we cannot achieve the objective until we know How to do it? Is it the responsibility of the Government or a particular ministry or some NGO to inculcate this habit amongst others? Again, the answer is no. Rather this is the time for each one of us, to contribute for others as a Personal Social Responsibility in this Yagyna of Knowledge. Till the time we don’t make it a part of our habit and take a vow to do it, we won’t be able to create a true civilised society and in turn a Great Nation.



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