Sham Nadgonde


I happened to accompany a group of poets and standup satirists in a remote town of Madhya Pradesh. Being there for two days in their close association, I came to know many good stories of their lives

Once the Poet was being interviewed for the post of a Hindi Lecturer in Delhi University. Interviewers were bent upon rejecting him for the reasons best known to them. So they started asking questions on various areas, where the position hardly required candidate’s expertise in that. They first asked about Hath Yoga, and then about Machhindranath and Nath Sampradaya, so on and so forth. To utter dismay, the interviewers were replied in right and correct manner on all counts.

Finally, they asked the question, where they were sure the candidate would not know and they have a pretext to reject him. The question was what is Moksha, that is salvation. The candidate, however, could smell their intention. He said, Sir, if you happen to offer me this job it will be a moksha for me. And to his surprise he was granted salvation.



My nephew was being interviewed by SSB (Service Selection Board) of Armed Forces.

After successfully completing physical and other number of tests, he happened to face the personal interview before a Panel of seven Senior Officers.

The room he was called, there was a had a carpet of red color laid from entrance to the chair, that he was expected to sit. He preferred to avoid walking on the carpet and opted to take a side path. He reached and got seated in the chair.

After a few questions of substance, he was finally asked, why did he avoid treading on the carpet.

He said in all humility, it’s my instinct and will. I have so far not proved myself to be eligible to walk on the red carpet.

Once again, needless to say, he was selected.



I was being interviewed for the promotion to the class one position of my company.

After a good session of question and answers, I was put forth a very common question as to what are strengths and weak points of my personality.

I knew that they’re expecting an out of the box reply, having seen my approach to answers I gave before.

I said – my strength is that I do not easily let others know my weakness, which I know I have. And everyone has them and they too know it.

And about weakness, I always assume a low profile and restrain myself from being motor-mouth, and people come to know my strong areas of personality a bit late. As a consequence, I miss the bus at times.

I was happy to see my name at the top of the list.



One of my close friends and classmate of B.Sc. part one, retired from services of army after five years of tenure of Emergency Service Commission.

In those days it was very difficult for a non-graduate to get a suitable job. After being unemployed for a year, almost, he was called for an interview by Tata sons for the post of an administrative officer.

General (retired) Mohinder Singh was heading the panel as he was the Chief Manager Administration.

The interview stretched for quite some time. It was more than satisfactory and my friend was pretty sure that he will be through.  In the end, however, the bombshell question was dropped by the general. He  said “Gentlemen, you have answered all our questions, the best you can. Despite all this, tell us one ground on which we can reject you”.

My friend fumbled a bit, but he gathered himself and could guess that it was curve ball and it had to be answered in the same fashion.

After a while, he replied, “Most humbly, l may say sir, it could be your apprehension that I may replace you soon…”

The straightforward reply got him the job.



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