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Vishal Sareen


In the corporate journey, there are people who spend the whole working tenure at one place, accompanying almost same set of people. Based on their nature, they like minimal changes in surroundings and feel happy, satisfied in their circumstances as it is. At the same time, there are people who gets bored from the routine work, working with same faces or location, looking for career growth, more money, situation based etc. Such persons decide about the change. Here, I’m sharing few learnings with you all my friends. Please try considering these before taking the decision as may be deemed fit.


Get released from project and have a new assignment at different location or decided about changing the job altogether or moving to new location: -

Ø  Yippee! New work, fresh faces, new client & could be a short break too

Ø  Sad L.. Movement, Shifting, kind of starting a phase of life again, lots of stuff to do

One needs to be careful at this very sensitive stage.


Job Change Wall Art - Mixed Media - It's Your Choice by Danny PhillipsAt times, you might be in big demand, everyone looks for skills you carry, multiple opportunities, hard to decide what to do, where to go, who will be good and other parameters.


This will be very crucial period because once you will decide something, there won’t be easy step-back. Lots of complications and sometimes adverse impact on your health & career due to bad move. So, before taking this decision, inquire properly - where you are going, how’s the place, client, weather, people, work etc. Although, it may take some extra time but make decision wisely.


Best would be to plan before taking the decision to move – think about what are you looking for, what are the priorities, is it possible at current workplace with minor adjustments, little compromise, married / unmarried and how this movement going to impact your family etc. At current place, there might be big social circle for you & your family, which plays key role in your routine life. If you have kids - are your kids ready to move socially & mentally, are they mature enough to take up these challenges.


Corporate Office Staff Wall Art - Photograph - Serious asian business man team leader coach mentor talk to dive by Anek SuwannaphoomThese factors can make you to take a step back as well. So, before finalizing any movement, decide on various boundaries. Because, there will be lot of background work to manage & step back won’t be easy or sometimes not acceptable to others as they also going to do lot of work which might not be visible. So, thinking of reverting back might be lot of financial loss, change of mindset / thought process. At times, people take it deep and gets sick as well.


It needs to be understood, a very important factor, that you are very important for your family, friends, relatives and few people which always wish good for you but still unknown. So, Never Ever take a negative thought to harm yourself which will impact adversely to your loved ones. YES, your workplace will not be affected with this as they will hire another employee, but your family can’t go in that way.


Don’t want to depress you with these thoughts. There is always other side of the coin - this might be a happy move as well. You will be going to a great place, nice people, awesome future career, lots of learning and you will enjoy this move. Also, you will guide to your friends as well for such steps.


Another significant consideration, during this time you will realize that there are few very close people but didn’t help you anyway. Whereas, few unknown faces became part of your list of dearest ones by holding hand during crucial time. Few people from your workplace, might stop responding to your emails, phone calls, text and do not bother about you. At the same time, there might be someone whom you don’t know - will become your umbrella to save you from this bad weather and guide you till next solid shelter.


So, get ready for lots of learning & exciting journey, might be little stressful time as well. Roll up the sleeves to rock-n-roll in this corporate world. Don’t forget to share your experience, your friends might be waiting for it.


In nutshell, always make an informed decision and once decided, give it your 100%. Learn to get comfortable with uncomfortable situations and challenges.


All the Best


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