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Physics Section

Physics is a study of processes occurring in nature. Physics without mathematics becomes a science faction, as much as mathematics without physics becomes abstract. These Two subjects are complementary to each other. Contents of Common Section would create an interest in readers and help them to appreciate the contents and efforts. Nevertheless, a proper understanding of chapters G-01and G-02 is essential for a purposeful understanding of the contents of this section.

Chapter No Topic Status
P-00 0-Physics – A subject Not to Learn Uploaded
P-01 1-A: Mechanics- Why? Uploaded
  1-B: Kinematics – Part I Uploaded
  1-C: Newton’s Laws of Motion – Part II Uploaded
  1-D:Rotational Mechanics and Gravitation – Part III Uploaded
  1-E: Fluid Mechanics -Part IV Uploaded
P-02 2: Heat and Thermodynamics Uploaded
P-03 Waves and Motion  
  3-A: Waves and Motion: Theory – Part I Uploaded
  3-B: Waves and Motion : Sound– Part II Uploaded
3-C: Waves and Motion : Optics– Part III Uploaded
P-04 Electricity and Magnetism  
  4-A1: Electrostatics: Basics – Part I-1 Uploaded
  4-A2: Electrostatics: Basics – Part I-2 Uploaded
  4-B: Current Electricity – Part II Uploaded
  4-C: Electromagnetism– Part III Uploaded
  4-D: AC Circuits – Part IV Uploaded
P-05 Modern Physics  
  5-A Thought Experiment and Special Theory of Relativity Uploaded
  P-05-Part II-Atomic-Structure.pdf Uploaded
  5-B: Part II Under development
  5-C: Part III Under development

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