Gyan Vigyan Sarita -शिक्षा is a monthly e-Bulletin. It was started, nearly five years ago, with a small effort to create an awareness among elite persons about their Personal Social Responsibility (PSR). Elite persons possess potential to make a difference in society by virtue of their wisdom, position, powers and sphere of influence. Their leaning to complement such efforts would radiate message of walk-the- talk, which is perceived to be scarce among accomplished persons.

It gained momentum as we moved forward with inclusive participation of teachers, persons of accomplishment in different walks of life, eminent writers, poets through their creative writings for our e-Bulletin. These contributions contain their thoughts, experiences and vision.

Since beginning we are welcoming contributions with a firm belief that creativity is intrinsic to learning, and is an integral part of education be it formal or informal. It is unnatural to disjoint creativity with thought process inbuilt in education. Moreover, every child is unique in capabilities and so also it is truein respect of creativity. Therefore, it is extremely important to create opportunities for students to come out with their creativity in any form, be it writing story, poem or critical thought on any subject-matter of their concern or creative art viz. drawing, sketches, caricature, paintings etc. In no ways, it excludes performing arts in its various forms. But, in view of our limitations to include audio-visual performances of many of our students, who are best at it, we are not able to include them in the e-Bulletin. Thus, this e-Bulletin in its present form is confined to content in textual and image forms only. Hopefully we will be able to include performing art also in this e-Bulletin

We are observing that it has created a phenomenal enthusiasm among our students participating in this selfless initiative Interactive Online Mentoring Sessions (IOMS) driven with PSR. Most of these students come from that section of society which is deprived on one or the other account. It has also catalyzed families of persons associated with this Gyan Vigyan Sarita initiative directly or indirectly. This makes our e-Bulletin centric to creative contributions of children and students together with wisdom of elders.

Our objective in this bulletin is not the least to exhibit world-class talent among children, but definitely we recognize that - (a) creativity is an integral part of learning in IOMS, (b) one is never late to come out with one’s creativity, be it in any form, (c) given an opportunity these students would emerge as great creator, artists, laureates and scientist, (d) all great creators Leonardo da Vinci, Shakespeare, Tagore,Ustad Ala Uddin Khan also had made a humble beginning, (e) scarcity catalyzes creative potential of every child, when he receive care, concern, guidance and gentle hand-holding, in case of necessity. Otherwise, looking upon them sympathetically as subject of philanthropy, like slow poison, is enough to quench fire in them and convert into ever-lasting dependents like parasites.  

Pursuit of human race in science and mathematics, as a mother of all sciences. It has its beginning in observations and inquisitiveness of human race to discover nature, happenings and their causes. Thus science and mathematics as it grew, it became more specialized and misconstrued as disjoint to creative art. As a result, educationists were pursuing it in STEM model emphasizing upon learning of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. This has led civilizations in loosing human perspective in education, excellence into objectivity, and enter into a rat race among students. It more rampant among parents, to raise Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of their children. In recent past, educational psychologists, all across, have come up with various ways and models for integrating creative art into education and emphasizing upon its attributes in different forms and names.

While building IOMS, our premise and realization of need of integration of creativity into this model had started taking shape. We take mathematics and physics not disjunctive to creativity but as a medium to sharpen creativity among students in a more logical and scientific manner and correlating them with nature around for coexistence. Therefore, we accept creative contributions of students in their own form, and advise them on its moderation to the possible extent only. We are sure that these students would rise above with the natural buoyancy to be at the best of their potential with pleasure of their own ingenuity deployed for the larger good; it would be without imitating any celebrity, an icon, or waiting for the world to recognize them.


Opportunities seldom knock the door,

But, desperate efforts with perseverance unfold opportunities, in waiting.