Concepts of an expert are not like a static foundation of a huge structure; rather it is like blood flowing in a vibrant mind.

Growing into an expert, is a process during which each one must have used best of the books available on subject and received guidance of best of the teachers. Authors might have had limitations to take every concept thread bare from first principle and so also must be the constraint of teacher while mentoring a class with a diversity of inquisitiveness and focus. As a result, there are instances when on a certain concept a discomfort remains. The only remedy is to live with the conceptual problem and continue to visualize it thread bare till it goes to bottom of heart and that is an ingenious illustration.

In this column an effort is being made to take one topic on Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in each e-Bulletin and provide its illustration from First Principle. We invite all experts in these subjects to please mail us their ingenious illustrations and it would be our pleasure to include it in the column.

We hope this repository of ingenious illustrations, built over a period of time, would be helpful to ignite minds of children, particularly to aspiring unprivileged students, that we target in this initiative, and in general to all, as a free educational web resource.

This e-Bulletin covers –  a) Mathematics,   b) Physics , and c) Chemistry.  This is just a beginning in this direction. These articles are not replacement of text books and reference books. These books provide a large number of solved examples, problems and objective questions, necessary to make the concepts intuitive, a journey of educational enlightenment.

Looking forward, these articles are being integrated into Mentors’ Manual. After completion of series of such articles on Physics it is contemplated to come up representative problems from contemporary text books and Question papers from various competitive examinationsand a guide to theirsolutions in a structured manner, as a dynamic exercise to catalyse the conceptual thought process.