Mentors' Manual

Democratize Education to Groom Competence to Compete
Among Unprivileged Children with a sense of
Personal Social Responsibility (PSR)

Mentors' Manual

This manThis manual is devised to integrate and correlate concepts, and help mentors to make the subject matter relevant to the surrounding of students, which they can easily visualize. Every topic in this manual is made contextual and based on illustration in previous chapters and sections. Mentors, who are invariably post-graduate in their respective subject,mentors manual can pick any topic of immediate concern and use it, make their mentoring more relevant

Concepts are nothing but analytical understanding of observations, which adds to clarity of understanding and ability to apply them on an unknown problem. Once, analytical aspects of mathematics and science becomes a part of thought process, subsequent use of concepts in problem solving makes the learning intuitive without burdening memory with mugging and remembering concepts. This is the core idea behind development of the manual. style="text-align: justify;">AmbitiouAmbitious students may like to venture into it, without getting baffled, when they come across topics new to them. Initially, such students may find illustrations out of contextand at their stage of knowledge and understanding. Therefore, they are advised to read and understand the manual from beginning and sequentially. They are welcome to seek guidance, wherever they find any topic or illustration incomprehensible.through Contaccct Us

It is suggested to observe different phenomenon occurring around in real life and correlate them to the concepts encountered. This will help to make learning natural and relevant. In this manual, efforts have been made to draw examples from real life, as far as possible. This will help to accelerate visualization and an insight into the phenomenon occurring around. Practicing over a wide range of problems of related concepts is the only pre-requisite to develop proficiency and speed of problem solving, and making formulations more intuitive rather than a burden on memory, as much as overall personality of a person. This is how one develops aptitude in real life, which requires integration of multi-disciplinary knowledge and skill for evolving solution. This learning process is more of a conditioning of the thought process, rather than just learning the subject.

This manual in its present form is compilation of articles brought out, in various publications, by a group of co-passionate persons engaged in democratization of education with a sense of personal social responsibility (PSR) in a non-remunerative, non-commercial and non-political manner. In its final form of the manual it shall be –

  • Edited version of this compendium.
  • Numerical examples and problems which help in improving comprehension, analysis and application of various concepts in a graded and integrated manner

Feedback of readers to improve upon lucidity and making their learning accelerated are welcomed. We are coming up with Question Bank, Students Forum and other avenues to support the grooming of students conceptually driven, and oriented to just marks, ranks and admissions.

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