Democratize Education to Groom Competence to Compete
Among Unprivileged Children with a sense of
Personal Social Responsibility (PSR)

Quality Education

Improve Quality of education by Collectively Complementing each other, so as to harness synergy of elite for the larger good. Elite Senior Citizens and accomplished persons have a role to play into it, and they can do it with insignificant liability to create an environment conducive for coexistence,  in welfare.

Number of pass outs is a parameter to judge scale of education, but unless it is blended with quality the numbers may turn into more a curse than a boon.

Quality education is muQuality educationlti-dimensional in which subject is a medium to groom thought process and skill of evolving solution which is feasible, scalable, up-gradable and sustainable. Interactive Online Mentoring, is not, is not an end but a means to connect passionate teachers and mentors, who wish to impart their knowledge but are forbidden by multiple constraints. This would help them to choose time slots, within their constraints increase breadth and depth of their reach, while they pro-act with Personal Social Responsibility and thus promote Democratization of Education.

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