Democratize Education to Groom Competence to Compete
Among Unprivileged Children with a sense of
Personal Social Responsibility (PSR)


Democracy in education demands that every child in the country has free and open access to education, at an affordable cost, so as to Visionexplore his inherent potential and harness it for personal growth and thereby come up as a responsible citizen to contribute to socio-economic environment sustainable on this planet. This is just not a message but an action plan which has focused to mentor unprivileged children on Non-remunerative, Not Commercial and Non-Political basis.

Gyan-Vigyan Sarita is not an organization but a spirit of co-passionate persons which is engaged in mentoring not only in subjects but in social, cultural and human values. Target students are disciplined right at the door Discipline at Door Step step into these para-academic aspects including group learning, an essential trait of coexistence.

We have a vision to integrate all elite groups and senior citizen to use their time and energy, with a sense of PSR. Each of the group may choose to operate in a soverign manner to cater to local needs and aspirations. We stand committed to extend our expertise on non-remunerative, non-commercial and non-political basis. This would help to crate an environment where down the line none of students, despite economic, ethnic, linguistic, sociological or geographical constraint is deprived of opportunity to quality education upto 12th standard.

This will build a competence and a confidence among our upcoming generation to choose any profession, trade or skill towards self-dependence in the true spirit propounded by John F. Kennedy " Don't ask what nation gives you, ask yourself what you give to the nation"

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