Common Section

Democratize Education to Groom Competence to Compete
Among Unprivileged Children with a sense of
Personal Social Responsibility (PSR)

Common Section

This parThis part contains subject matter common to all the three major parts of the Mentors’ Manual i.e. Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. This Common Section is organized as under –

Prologue–> It high It highlights why has this manual has become necessary? This is essential especially when good and illustrative books are available in bookshelves.

G-01:Introduction –> This in This introduces to the philosophy of the mission. In pursuance of this, a needs has been felt of this manual.

G-02:Basic Mathematics – > As one ascends, basic of mathematics become, extremely intuitive and it becomes extremely difficult for a mentor to descend to basics of mathematics and make it understandable to students at class 9th and above. Experience of mathematical understanding of target students can be can be remedied by fast-track coverage, before they are mentored in higher level of mathematics and science. It encompasses mathematics from numbers upto scope of 10th Class.

G-03: Foundation Mathematics – Mathematics is mother of all sciences and pursuit of learning in science is jeopardized if students lack in various mathematical concepts that are its integral part. Accordingly, a full length illustration of mathematics, essential for learning Physics and Chemistry upto 12th standard has been made. Detailed learning of mathematics, is covered in Mathematics Section.

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