Student Domain

Democratize Education to Groom Competence to Compete
Among Unprivileged Children with a sense of
Personal Social Responsibility (PSR)

This is a space of the students, for the students, and by the students. This space is provided encourage students to come up with their:
  • Problems : Self-study of students is encourage as a best way to gain proficiency in their learning. Since academic calendar and examinations are prescheduled, right guidance at right time becomes helpful to students to maintain the pace of learning proficiency. Students are extended a facility to pose their difficulties in solving the problems and seek a Free Solutions thereof. Students are advised to Contact US which has facility to save their time by attaching a snapshot of question/problem.
  • Requests for Guidance : Students pursuing for excellence may find themselves at a crossroad and unable to make either a choice or weigh merits of the options. Such students have a facility to avail Free Guidance through Contact US which has facility to save their time by attaching a snapshot of question/problem.
  • Request for Practice Tests : Students who have completed their subject matter may feel a need of self-evaluation. Such students may request for Free Practice Tests. A pre-condition for availing practice test is that -
    • Student has obtain a Registration Number with us. There are no Registration Charges for it.
    • Student shall be provided graded Practice Test. These tests shall be initially Topic wise, followed by assorted tests for students of :
      • Class XI,
      • Class XII,
      • Class XI + XII,
      • IIT-JEE Main, and
      • IIT-JEE Advanced.
    • Student while seeking progressive Practice Test, shall have to submit, Answer Sheets of previous Practice Test for evaluation.
    • Student is required to specify, while registration, one of the above Category for which Practice Test are desired.
    • Based on evaluation of Evaluation of Answer Sheets of Practice Test, student shall be advised for upgradation or to prepare with lower level of tests. Our decision in this regard shall be final.
    • Students may apply for registration through Contact US which has facility to save their time by attaching a required document.
  • Information of Nearest Online Mentoring Center : We are mentoring students who do not have access to quality mentoring to attend Online Mentoring Sessions at one of its centers. This is purely a non-remunerative, non-commercial and non-political initiative. Desirous students can seek information in this regard through Contact US
  • Creative work for display : Education is a process of growing inherent faculties of students. There is no system of education which can claim perfection in fully nurturing inherent potential. Therefore, in structured education effort is made to provide learning in a manner, where students get opportunities to explore and use their ingenuity. While, we do the same on academic plane by correlating mentoring with the environment of students, an effort is made in this informal endeavour to provide a platform where students can display their creations be it story, poem, painting, music etc. Students are advised to send their creations through Contact US which has facility to save their time by making an e-attachment to the form.

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