Democratize Education to Groom Competence to Compete
Among Unprivileged Children with a sense of
Personal Social Responsibility (PSR)

Mathematics Section

Initiative of Gyan Vigyan Sarita, from a small set of persons driven with personal Social Responsibility, is to democratize education, where every child irrespective of constraints is able to acquire an academic excellence, which can change place him on a professional scale and change his profile. This is a continuous process, and this effort is a selfless beginning in this direction.

Academic excellence in Mathematics, Science and Language plays an immense role in changing thought process of every individual. Moreover, the constraints of selfless-&-voluntary expertise available with Gyan Vigyan Sarita, it has taken upon itself a task of developing Mentors’ Manual on Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, upto Intermediate level, which in prevalent system is Class XIIth .

Mathematics is mother of all sciences. Basics of mathematics is taught upto class Xth across all students. But, requirement of mathematics for learning Physics upto Class XIIth, be it PCM or PCB streams, is a bit higher. And for students aspiring to pursue their career in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering goes much beyond.

Accordingly, Chapter G-02, in Common Section, covers Basic Mathematics, upto class Xth, while Chapter G-03, in Common Section, covers Foundation Mathematics required for learning Physics and Chemistry upto XIIth. All chapter, following these two, start with creating an appreciation of mathematics. Accordingly, they are sequenced in the order of correlation of each Chapter to pre-requisites of mathematical concepts of each chapter. In each chapter, simple examples have brought out to help in comprehension of the subject matter.

Once these chapters are completed, graded-&-structured exercises along with assorted exercises shall be developed for practicing by students and develop a competence to compete.

Organization of Chapters is as under –

Chapter No Topic Status
M-00 0-Beauty Generating Concepts of Mathematic Uploaded
M-01 01-Knowledge of Concepts – Natural Way to Learn Maths Uploaded
M-02 02-First Principle in Maths Uploaded
M-03 03-Common Error in Maths Uploaded
M-04 04-A Number Systems Uploaded
  04-B Number System Part II Uploaded
M-05 05-Sequence and Series Uploaded
M-06 06-A Theory of Equations Uploaded
  06-B-Theory-of-Equations-Maths Uploaded
  06-C-Linear Inequalities Uploaded
M-07 07- Mathematical Induction and Binomial Theorem Uploaded
M-08 08- Permutations and Combinations Uploaded
M-09 09- Probability Uploaded
M-10 10- Basic Calculus Uploaded
M-11 11-Matrices and Determinants Uploaded
M-12 12- Coordinate Geometry – Straight Lines Uploaded
M-13 13- Sets, Functions and Relations Uploaded
M-14 14- Differential Calculus Uploaded
M-15 M-15-15- Trigonometric Functions, Trigonometric Equations, Solution of Triangles, Application heights and Distance Uploaded
M-16 M-16-INTEGRAL-CALCULUS.pdf Uploaded
  17- Differential Equations Under development
  18- Coordinate Geometry – Conic Sections Under development
  19- Vector Algebra Under development
20- Three Dimensional Coordinate Geometry Under development
  21 – Statistics Under development
  Appendix-I : List of Symbols Under development
  Appendix-II :List of Standard Formulae Under development
  Appendix-III :Greek Alphabets Under development

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