Colour Therapy

Dishita Joshi

Chromotherapy is a method of treating ailments. This method is commonly known as the ‘Colour Therapy’. It is done by shining the appropriate colours on one’s body . It is also done by shining the colours through the eyes, although it is done with utmost care and precision so that there is no strain on the eyes. The results of this therapy may vary from person to person.

According to Indian philosophy/ philosophers, the chakras are considered as the centres of spiritual power and energy within our bodies. There are 7 chakras and the 7 colours represent each of the chakras.

Dishita Colour Therapy Colour therapy is a complementary therapy than an alternative to medical care altogether. It is a treatment that brings balance to our mind and body. It is used to improve one’s mood and overall health. The main idea behind how colour therapy is done is that the different colours are made up of reflected lights that hit our retinas as the wavelengths vibrate. 

This way of treating an ailment is basically based on the fact that colours create an electrical impulse in our brain. This either stimulates us or calms us. Nowadays, many salons make use of colour therapy along with aromatherapy.

There are as many colours in colour therapy as there are in the rainbow. Different colours have different impacts and so, are used to treat different ailments. Also, different colors have different emotional and psychological representations. So, the shades of colours used in one’s therapy session varies depending upon the type of ailment one is trying to treat.

For example-

·         The blue or purple lights are anti-inflammatory and calming. 

·         Green colour helps to purify and cleanse.

·         Orange- Energy, excitement and fun. It draws attention to itself.

·         Red is associated with love but it’s also associated with rage, excitement and high energy.



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