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IOMS Graphical perspective

IT Infrastructure for IOMS

संपादकीय: ज्ञान के साथ विज्ञान की सरिता का प्रवाह

Evolution of IOMS

Coordinators’ View: Bhakti and Shakti: भक्ति और शक्ति?

An Appeal

Inspirers of the Month

Regular Columns

Ø  अंदाज बयां : दीपावली पर सफाई - समीर लालसमीर

Ø  Ayurveda – Health Care: Mutard Seeds (Brassica Nigra)Dr. Sangeeta Pahuja

Ø  आओ मिलकर सोचें : वक्ता का कहना है.... ईश्वर ! - मुकेश आनंद


Ø  Perception versus Reality - Prakash Kale

Ø  Life with Grand Parents Vishaal Sareen

Ø  Culture at HomeDr. Namrta Jain

Ø  Faster Subtraction - H.D. Motiramani

Ø  Possibilities Kanchan Karve 

Ø  Deepawali Celebration Nidhi Joshi  


Ø  मेरी प्यारी गुड़िया… - सुभाष चौरसिया  ‘बाबू

Ø  मेरी खुशी - भावना मिश्रा  

Ø  कहना मन की बात जरूर- उर्मिला द्विवेदी

Ø  सबकी अपनी-अपनी पहचान - संगीता पाहुजा 

Students’ Section

Understanding of Concepts: Presentation by Students

§  QuadrilateralsNaga Divya.

§  Tangents and SecantsDipankar Page

Ø  Creativity of Students While Staying at Home

Ø  Performing Art

·         Audio: Bhakti Gayan -  Uha Chandrika

·         Video:  Song on PianoAnura Joshi

Ø  Mixed Creative Art

·         World Peace Need of the HourNidhi

·         Article-Hope, Drawing and PhotographyTrisha Samal

·         ExperimentJ Ganesh

·         DrawingIshaan

·         Drawing - Nava Nayan

·         DrawingMannan

·         DrawingA Vardhan

·         Article : The Indo-Pak War:1971 - Devansh Sharma

·         An Activity: A Hygienic Recipe from the Flameless Cooking Competition - Anupra  Dubey

·         Story: The Unruly Elephant - Natchya Tiwari

·         Rangoli- Krittika  Dubey


Growing With Concepts

Ø  Mathematics: Let us Do Some Problems Prof. SB Dhar

Ø  Physics: Question Bank- Electric Field and Potential

Ø  Chemistry: Redox Reaction Kumud Bala


Crossword Puzzle: American Presidential Election Prof. SB Dhar

Science Quiz: December’2020 Kumud Bala


Invitation for Contribution of Articles  

Theme Song


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Thrill is in the journey and not the destination. The only treasure at destination is sweet memories of adventure with passion, patience, pursuance and perseverance and last but not the least the inspiration to start a new journey.



Arabian Quote

He who knows,

and knows that he knows,

is Wise; Follow him


He who knows not,
and knows not that he knows not,
is a fool; shun him.

He who knows not,
and knows that he knows not,
is a student; Teach him.

He who knows,
and knows not that he knows,
is asleep; Wake him.