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Regular Columns

Ø  अंदाज  ए  बयां  : विकास की रेल यात्रा - समीर लालसमीर

Ø  Ayurveda – Health Care: Yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhiza Glabra)Dr. Sangeeta Pahuja

Ø  आओ मिलकर सोचें : वक्ता का कहना है.... पूर्ण स्वतंत्र होने का मतलब - मुकेश आनंद


Ø  गीता -एक संक्षिप्त परिचय (भाग 1) - प्रकाश काले 

Ø  यादें याद आती है - विशाल सरीन 

Ø  Calendar 2021: At Tip of Your Tongue - H.D. Motiramani

Ø  भगोना 2 घंटा से चुल्हा पर… -  भावना मिश्रा


Ø  दिल कहता है… - सुभाष चौरसिया  ‘बाबू

Ø  नया वर्ष इंसानी हो ! - उर्मिला द्विवेदी

Ø  कलयुग - संगीता पाहुजा 

Ø  कर खुद पर तू भरोसा - संतोष अडपावारसत्य’

Consortium of Entities PSR Inspired (CEPI)

Ø  Sarthak Prayash

Ø  Happy4u

Students’ Section

(Integration of Art in Education)

Ø  Understanding of Concepts: Sybmissions by Students

·   Number System  -  Uha Chandrka

·   Electric CurrentGanesh J.

·   Arithmetical Operations in EquationsAarushi

·   Video:  Fire Extinguisher ExperimentNaga Divya

Ø  Creativity of Students While Social Distancing

Ø  Performing Art

·         Audio: Patriotic Song with Craft -  Uha Chandrika

Ø  Visual Art

·         Drawing - Nava Nayan

·         DrawingMannan

·         Drawing - Paarth Karve

·         Drawing - Anura Joshi

·         Drawing - Krittika  Dwivedi

Ø  Literary Art

·         Beautiful PeacockAnupra Dubey

·         Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer - Natchya Tiwari

·         The Power of One - Riddhima Sharma

·         Peer PressureDishita Joshi

Growing With Concepts

Ø  Mathematics: Let us Do Some Problems Prof. SB Dhar

Ø  Physics: Question Bank- Electric Field and Potential (Set2)

Ø  Chemistry: Fundamental Concept of Organic Reaction Mechanism Kumud Bala

Puzzle & Quiz

Crossword Puzzle: Countries Celebrating New YearProf. SB Dhar

Science Quiz: January-2021 Kumud Bala


·         Invitation for Contribution of Articles

·         Theme Song


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Arabian Quote

He who knows,

and knows that he knows,

is Wise; Follow him


He who knows not,
and knows not that he knows not,
is a fool; shun him.

He who knows not,
and knows that he knows not,
is a student; Teach him.

He who knows,
and knows not that he knows,
is asleep; Wake him.