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IOMS Graphical perspective

IT Infrastructure for IOMS

संपादकीय: भारत को डराने के लिये चीन की भौकालबाजी

Evolution of IOMS

Coordinators’ View: Power of Selflessness?

An Appeal

कोरोना महामारी: चुनौतियों को अवसर में बदलें  

Inspirers of the Month  

Regular Columns


Students’ Section
  1. Understanding of Concepts : Presentation by Students
  2. Creativity of Students While Staying at Home
  • Performing Art
Audio: Devotional Song -  Uha Chandrika
  • Articles and Poems
  •      A Limerick On Nature – Navya Nayan

  •     Women's Safety Trisha Samal 


  •     Our Universe - Anupra Dubey

  •     Jack O'Lantern – Natchya Tiwari


    Drawings, Paintings and Allied

  • Chalk CarvingVignyasri

  • DrawingAbhijit Das

  • DrawingKrittika Dubey

  • Drawing - Mannan

  • DrawingAkanksha Kashyap

  • Drawing - Luji Hati Bourah

  • DrawingAnura Joshi

  • DrawingIshaan Shrivastava
  • Growing With Concepts





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    Thrill is in the journey and not the destination. The only treasure at destination is sweet memories of adventure with passion, patience, pursuance and perseverance and last but not the least the inspiration to start a new journey.



    Arabian Quote

    He who knows,

    and knows that he knows,

    is Wise; Follow him


    He who knows not,
    and knows not that he knows not,
    is a fool; shun him.

    He who knows not,
    and knows that he knows not,
    is a student; Teach him.

    He who knows,
    and knows not that he knows,
    is asleep; Wake him.