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MonthlyWeb-Bulletin GyanVigyanSarita:शिक्षा  April 01, 2022  (7th Issue in 7th Year)


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IOMS Graphical perspective

IT Infrastructure for IOMS

संपादकीय: विनाश की ओर बढ़ते मानव-विकास के कदम

Evolution of IOMS

Coordinators’ View: Bhakti vis-à-vis Sycophancy in Democracy

An Appeal

Inspirers of the Month (April)

Regular Columns

Ø  अंदाज  ए  बयां : : सुनो!! हम अब जाग गये है!! - समीर लालसमीर

Ø  किशोर गीता : 7-समदर्शी - प्रकाश काले


Ø  आप तो दे दोगे पर मैं लूंगा कैसे? - श्याम नाडगोंडे 

Ø  क्या करें? - पुरुषोत्तम विधानी 

Ø  मन क्यों यह मेरा शोर करे - विशाल सरीन 

Ø  4×4 Magic Square for Any-Date/ Any-Nnumbers - H.D. Motiramani

Ø  शिक्षा - सुरेश तलरेजा 


Ø  फर्ज कर्म संग होने से, उत्कर्ष स्वयं हो जाता है - उर्मिला द्विवेदी

Ø  नारी की महिमा नारी ही जाने संगीता पाहुजा 


Ø  An Appeal - New Sessions of IOMS: Looking Forward

Consortium of Entities PSR Inspired (CEPI)

Ø  Sarthak Prayash

Ø  Happy4u

Ø  Porsa Village

Ø  Gyan Vigyan Sarita

Students’ Section

(Integration of Art in Education)

Ø  Understanding Of Concepts : Submission by Students

·   Understanding KinematicsDeepesh Gupta

·   Understanding HeredityJyoti Mishra

Ø  Creativity of Students While Social Distancing

Ø  Performing Art

·         Grooming Spirit of Patriotism - Navya Nayan & Mannan

Ø  Visual Art

·         Lotus on Sandpaper - Ishaan Srivastava

·         Visualization Ferrari Enzo (Formula 1 Car) - Paarth Karve

Ø  Literary Art

·         Earth Day - Anupra Dubey

·         Biology Fun Facts- Why Eating Less Carbohydrates Leads To Weight Loss? - Natchya Tewari

·         Incredible Is My School - Krittika Dwivedi

·         The Enjoyable Picnic - Ishaan Srivastava

·         Golden Jacket - Anura Joshi

Growing With Concepts

Ø  Mathematics: Let us Do Some Problems - XXXXI Prof. SB Dhar

Ø  Physics: Electromagnetism: Elecrtromagnetic Inductiont [Part 3 - Set 4(a)]

Ø  Chemistry: Henry's Law Kumud Bala

Puzzle & Quiz

Ø  Cross Word Puzzle: Cross Word Puzzle: Science Words Prof. SB Dhar

Ø  Science Quiz: April-2022 Kumud Bala


·         Invitation for Contribution of Articles

·         Theme Song


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Thrill is in the journey and not the destination. The only treasure at destination is sweet memories of adventure with passion, patience, pursuance and perseverance and last but not the least the inspiration to start a new journey.


Arabian Quote

He who knows,
and knows that he knows,
is Wise; Follow him.

He who knows not,
and knows not that he knows not,
is a fool; shun him.

He who knows not,
and knows that he knows not,
is a student; Teach him.

He who knows,
and knows not that he knows,
is asleep; Wake him.